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We understand that these are mechanical devices – parts can get worn, previous owners can mistreat them, and just simply not care. We get year old machines that look and work like they are 20 years old or we’ll get a 10 year old machine that looks and works like brand new – either way we just don’t plug it in and say great, it’s working, let’s sell it. It’s a lot more complicated than you might think. We take the time to procedurally inspect, run testing sequences, and completely sanitize them.

Our inspection process is very thorough


  1. We take all units apart; look for any indications of wear – no matter what the age of the appliance – we replace any part showing signs of wear. The parts are then soaked and sprayed with our commercial sanitizing/cleaning solution and scrub brushes and toothbrushes are part of our normal cleaning procedure – these are the appliance parts that you don’t see

  2. The appliance is then vacuumed inside the shell when applicable.

  3. All appliances are put back together in the same manner as the manufacturer intended. Why? We’ve noticed taking short cuts and not putting it back together only leads to more problems – a lot of appliances come in with “short cuts” so we make sure everything is re-installed in the same manner it was manufactured.

  4. 1st pressure washing treatment

  5. The testing – all electronic and mechanical devices in every appliance is checked thoroughly and replaced or repaired. We do loads of laundry, we cook (saves time at home), we stock food in fridges – if we’re not quite happy, we continue on – checking and testing. A fridge can be freezing and cooling our food for up to 1 month before it’s sold.  It’s then okayed to move on to cleaning.

  6. The appliance is given its 2nd pressure washer treatment then sprayed with a disinfectant cleaning solution and then out come our toothbrushes and scrubbing brushes.

  7. Once the cleaning has been done, the appliance is tested one more time before it is sold.



Customer Education

We want our appliances to last !!


We will take the time to show you how the machine works and answer any questions you have.

Educating you on proper use and maintenance should keep your appliances working smoothly for years to come     



Our motto is KEEP IT SIMPLE. When supplying apartment buildings or any tenanted property, we maintain the more basic a fridge or stove is – the less problems you will have with your tenant. (Less options = less enticing buttons to figure out.)


We are very particular about the fridges and stoves chosen for our tenanted properties. They must be durable, must be clean, must be simple to use and goes without saying “reliable”.


Give us a call and let us deal with your appliance dilemmas!



Are your clients taking their appliances with them and you need appliances to firm up the deal?  or are the appliances broken? or maybe they’re just not right to show with the property? Whatever the reason  – why invest in new? We have all different sizes and makes of fridge, stoves, washers and dryers that can either fill that empty space or replace the not so great ones that are already there. Need a short warranty or no warranty at all?


Come in, see what we have and let’s get that property ready for viewing

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